PALLETIZERS – High Level Bulk

The OMS High Level Bulk Palletizer Model Series 1000, 1100 and 1200 offers semi-automatic to fully automatic operation.

Our versatile system comprises of a multiple of stacking pattern capability and they offer semi-automatic to fully automatic operation. Unlike conventional machines, the OMS system provides a superior approach in handling your containers and forming pallet loads. Containers (bottles, jars, cans, etc.) are asynchronously processed. An OMS palletizer system can increase your profits.

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Tech Specs:

High Level Infeed Bulk Palletizer

OMS is an industry leader with products that show it.

  • The OMS System offers a superior approach, forming layers and pallet loads.
  • Rows of containers (bottles, jars, cans, etc.) are asynchronously processed.
  • Multi-row infeed systems are equipped with lane dividers to ensure positive container control.
  • Containers are individually counted to form an exact quantity per row.
  • The rows are also counted to form an exact number for a given pattern array(s).
  • The OMS System provides automatic staggered (nested) pattern forming.
  • Layers are individually processed and maintained from grouping throughout the palletizing cycle.
  • The layer sweep mechanism provides uniform layer delivery.
  • Layer sheet and pallet registering mechanism establishes unified squareness and alignment conformity.
  • Equipped with our standard heavy-duty stairwell/access scaffold and upper level controls panel.
  • Manually operated models also available.
  • Many options available.

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