The OMS Drum/Pail Palletizer offers many benefits such as:

Our palletizers, stackers and unstackers can specialize in drums, pails, cans, tanks, cores, rolls, totes, crates, cases, etc. Design versatility provides for a variety of types of containers and shapes, and is a proud OMS achievement. Let OMS provide the benefits of providing for today’s production requirements while allowing for your company’s future expansions.

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Tech Specs:

Drum / Pail Palletizer

OMS is an industry leader with products that show it.

  • Asynchronous infeed live roller conveyor processes rows of containers to form desired layer pattern.
  • Container infeed stop mechanism detects incoming flow to provide positive row sweep.
  • Heavy duty transfer bars pop up between conveyor rollers while lifting and supporting container rows to ensure roller longevity.
  • 2800 pound capacity layer plate systematically delivers preformed container pattern onto the pallet. 3600 pound capacity layer plate optional.
  • 3000 pound capacity pallet conveyor discharges the loaded pallet in conjunction with simultaneous, sequential empty pallet placement in ready position. 3800 pound capacity optional.
  • Sixteen pallet capacity unstacker configured for ease of forklift loading access.
  • Some of the options available are as follows:

    Can, pail, case, etc., pre-stacking module provides multiple container type palletizing operation.

    Pail indexing module to space rows during layer plate pull cycle.

    Additional options available.

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