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Neumann U47 Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone serial# 4341. Introduced in 1972 as a successor to the legendary U 47 tube microphone, the U 47 fet became a Neumann classic in its own right. Like its inspiration, the WA-47 is a large-diaphragm tube mic with a transformer-balanced output and multiple pickup … Engineers found out quickly that the sensitivity of the U 47 greatly enhanced the detail of their recordings. But can it match the original? T he VF14 was build by TELEFUNKEN and mainly used in domestic AC/DC radio receivers ("Allstrom Empfaenger") in Germany after World War II. The original U47 had a pentode tube VF14 made by Telefunken wich was discontinued in 1965. Few microphones are as iconic as Telefunken's U47 tube condenser microphone. Also includes updated Telefunken power supply and carrying case. The U 47 fet Collectors Edition is a new edition of this classic, issued in the year 2014. Equinox U47 enclosure. Original body, chassis and screen from 1960 era. The U 67 was enthusiastically welcomed by the pro studio community and assumed its … When the VK14k's ran out, Neumann made a retrofit kit using a tiny Nuvistor tube and even sold some U47's new with the Nuvistor and called those U47a's. Vintage Neumann/ Telefunken U47 Fully serviced by the great Andreas Grosser in 2020 Andreas Grosser did a complete service of this microphone. The first condenser microphone to offer selectable polar patterns (cardioid and omnidirectional), the original U47 also featured the famous M7 capsule which had been developed in 1928 by Georg Neumann. Manufactured to be a direct "plug and play" retrofit for an original VF14M tube socket [with no modifications to circuit, cable or power supply required], the TELEFUNKEN VF-14k is employed in the TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik U47 and U48 microphones. Background; References; External links; Background. It was designed around a Telefunken-developed steel-cover radio tube, type VF14m. Few microphones are as iconic as Telefunken’s U47 tube condenser microphone. The gain of the internal electronics can be attenuated by 10dB through a recessed slide–switch on the rear of the mic. History of the Neumann U47/U48 Tube/Valve Microphones. The Neumann U47: A legend is born. The KM 120 was part of the KM 100 series, Neumann’s first modular small diaphragm microphone system. This review will help you determine the best tube condenser microphone that perfectly fits your needs. After a long hiatus, the U 47 fet is finally available again, meticulously reproduced from the same components. Vintage Telefunken/Neumann TUBE U47 short body which was refurbished by Telefunken in 2007. The original U 47, invented in 1947, was the first switchable pattern condenser microphone. U47/U48 Tube/Valve Microphones vs economical replacements On November 02, 2019. Views: 110 594. It became a bench mark mic in the early fifties, but was expensive at around $400. Neumann U47 Tube. The Neumann Model U 47 was the first post-war mic produced by Georg Neumann GmbH in West Berlin. The combination of a tube (VF14), capsule and a transformer plays an important role, no doubt. Neumann’s first tube microphone after an almost 30-year-hiatus. 26 984. U47 microphone pdf manual download. ... Well, surprisingly, the sound is extremely close to the ubiquitous U47 tube (which go for crazy money, particularly via certain US vintage dealers). Its smooth yet defined character shaped the sound of the 70s. Discover 1995 What else happend. Telefunken U47. Neumann U47 fet Supercardioid Condenser Microphone. The nominal sensitivity is a very modest 8mV/Pa, and this can be further reduced in two ways. View and Download Neumann U47 operating instructions manual online. THE TUBE. U47 Clones - U47 mic Clone - Neumann U47 Clones - Microphone Reviews - Neumann U47 for sale and Telefunken U47 for sale VF14 Tube Wunder CM7, Wagner U47w, Pearlman TM 1, Peluso 2247 SE, Manley Reference, Lawson L47MP MKII, Telefunken U47AE, Bock Audio 507, Soundelux E47, HORCH RM2J, Telefunken RFT AK47, Telefunken U47 M, Korby KAT U47, Vertigo Sound VS47, Flea 47, … The M 149 received a TEC Award for its innovative combination of a (surprisingly low noise) tube circuit with a state-of-the-art transformerless output stage. Given the current prices for U47s on the secondhand market, the WA-47 is relatively affordable. What's the sonic difference between a brand-new Telefunken U47 microphone compared to a vintage original Neumann U47? I include in the photos the repair-work list he sent me. Neumann describe the U47 FET as a fixed–pattern cardioid microphone, although it actually has a distinctly hypercardioid response for all frequencies above about 500Hz. The Neumann U47 was introduced to the world at the Berliner Funkausstellung (Berlin Radio Show) in 1947. Neumann placed their third and final order for a batch of tubes, and their lead engineer Dr.-Ing. Fun fact: There’s a Neumann U47 microphone on display at the Abbey Road Studio in London. Most of the electronics were replaced by Telefunken in 2007 and it has been recording flawlessly since then. This … Neumann U47 Tube. One of the company’s more recent offerings is the WA-47, which, as its name implies, is based on the classic Neumann U47 tube microphone. This vintage-style tube studio microphone gives you the smooth and sweet sound that made the classic crooners of the 1950s come to life all around the world. Neumann to reissue the U47? Telefunken U47. For this, Neumann has resumed production of this classic mic, according to the original production documents and schematics. The 47fet was intended to be a phantom-powered, FET version of the U47 tube microphone, designed a few years after the VF14 tube at the heart of the U47 became unavailable. Based on the readily available EF86 pentode tube that was already being used in Neumann's small-diaphragm KM56, the U 67 incorporated a new K 67 capsule and transformer-balanced tube circuit along with modern innovations that delivered significant sonic and operational improvements on its predecessor. The tube U47 is cardoid and omni and the U48 is cardoid and figure 8. The U 47 was a large-diaphragm condenser microphone manufactured by Georg Neumann GmbH during the years 1949-1965. The Telefunken U47 tube condenser microphone … The mic itself has the original M stamped VF14 tube as well as original output transformer. KM 120. There’s no doubt that the Neumann U47 is one of the most respected valve microphones ever made, been used to record the best vocals in the history of music. The U 47 was a large-diaphragm condenser microphone manufactured by Georg Neumann GmbH during the years 1949-1965. 41 611 Neumann U47fet vs U87 ai, M147 and TLM67 Microphone Comparison & Review Tube Tests Show Ep.21 "FLEA U47 and U48 Microphones" Recording Services and Supply Tube Tests Show Ep.22 "DIY U47 … For this reason, lots of copies or variants have been built in the last 50 years, up to been recreated recently, even from one of its original manufacturers. Miniature Microphone. Also for: U48. A Telefunken / Neumann U47 for sale in exceptional, collector-grade condition inside and out. The U47 used the M7 capsule originally developed for the CMV 3 microphone ("Neumann bottle"). The mic is worth MUCH … A true classic, yet far from outdated. The Neumann Vintage U67 Tube Condenser Microphone-$16,000.00. Many people have to buy U47 clones, because they want to be closer to the sound of the U47! When it comes to tube condenser microphones, then the Telefunken U47 and Neumann U47 can serve as the best choices. The mic was checked out by the seller’s tech a month ago. 2007 M7 Telefunken capsule, Bv8 transformer and VF-14k tube. It has become the most revered vocal microphone in history, and inspired dozens of attempts to recreate its sound. Dealer Description. According to Vintage King, the “U” indicates that it uses a plug-in style amplifier tube. … The Neumann U47fet is a reissue of a classic condenser microphone available from Funky Junk. Like the U 47, the fet model used Neumann’s K47 capsule, variously referred to as the K 47, K 47/49 and K 47fet. The one on the Telefunken (Neumann) U47 was of particular interest to me as the recent failure of the VF-14 tube in my unit prompted me to look into an alternate preamplifier. Power supply is still healthy and strong and all … I just received a few days ago, it took almost one year of waiting but really worth it. The U47 and U48 mics are similar. Its PVC membranes unfortunately tended to dry out with age, however, and in 1960 the M7 was superseded by the K49, a capsule with similar acoustical design but … Neumann U 47 is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone.The original series, manufactured by Georg Neumann GmbH between 1949 and 1965, employed a tube design; the M 7 capsule was used until 1958, then superseded by the K 47.. Neumann U 47 FET was a first reissue, with a head grille similar to the original U 47 but using solid-state circuitry (discrete op-amps) and using the K 47 capsule. Actually, I'd be hesitant to pay $15K for a used luxury car. Condenser microphones and accessories. 1K likes. To this capsule was added an amplifier built from military surplus VF14 tubes (they had been used in field and aircraft radios), and BV8 output transformers. We will begin with the Telefunken U47 in this product comparison review. IF YOU HAVE FOUND THIS PAGE THEN YOU ARE MOST LIKELY LOOKING FOR HISTORY OF THE NEUMANN U47/U48 MICROPHONE : The Neumann U47 is a microphone that has a prestigious place in the history of the recording industry. Neumann U47. A U47, in decent condition, with an intact and working VF14k tube will run you about $13,000 - $15,000. Gerhart Boré began to design the successor to a microphone that is still revered as one of the top vocal mics of all time. Vintage Telefunken U47 Tube Microphone-$20,000.00. The legendary Neumann U47 … This vintage-style tube studio microphone gives you the smooth and sweet sound that made the classic crooners of the 1950s come to life all around the world. Includes original carbon box, power supply, microphone mount and Pelican case for entire setup. 1 / 3. VF14K Vacuum Tube for use in the TELEFUNKEN or NEUMANN U47 or U48 microphones. Bro, of course there will be demand! YouTube Encyclopedic. In 1958, Georg Neumann GmbH received word that Telefunken would no longer manufacture the VF14 steel tube that was the heart of the company's flagship microphone, the U47. The U 47 is regarded as one of several all-time preferred tube recording microphones ("The Big Five" [1]). It’s owned by a collector in in Russia and is highly prized as a superior worldwide music collectors item. Anyone who owns an original U47 or U48 … Todays clones employ GE pentode and some old UF 14 from Telef The Neumann U47 is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone manufactured by Georg Neumann GmbH during the years 1949-1965.. Yes, that’s where the “47” comes from! As far as the escalating 'going rate' for a U47, I wouldn't pay $15K for a U47 that didn't come with an original power supply, a Neumann-manufactured K47, BV8 and a Telefunken VF14, but that's just me. Contents. Neumann replaced the original tube with a 13CW4 Nuvistor, which people generally agree does not have the same sound quality as the Telefunken. (Read more about the K47/K49 capsule.) This mic is one of the original released mics from 1947 this system includes all original working parts.

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