hurricane gert 1993

Hurricane Gert was a destructive and very deadly tropical cyclone in September 1993. Maximum Intensity For Hurricane Gert 14 - 21 September, 1993. September 15–21 – Hurricane Gert crosses from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean through Central America and Mexico. The seventh named storm and third hurricane of the annual hurricane season, Gert originated as a tropical depression from a tropical wave over the southwestern Caribbean Sea on September 14. Hurricane Gert was a large tropical cyclone that caused extensive flooding throughout Central America and Mexico in September 1993. Once over warm water in the Bay of Campeche, Gert September 17 – Russian troops withdraw from Poland. Since reliable records began in 1851, a total of eighteen tropical cyclones have done this. (°N) Lon. Date/Time (UTC) Position Pressure (mb) Wind Speed (mph) Stage; Lat. September 19 – Polish parliamentary election, 1993: A coalition of the Democratic Left Alliance and the Polish People's Party led by Waldemar Pawlak comes into power. The 1993 Atlantic hurricane season officially began on June 1, 1993, and lasted until November 30, 1993. June 18–20: Tropical Storm Beatriz (1993) June 18–21: Tropical Storm Arlene (1993) August 17–27: Hurricane Hilary (1993) September 8–14: Hurricane Lidia (1993) September 14–26: Hurricane Gert Hurricane Gert was a large tropical cyclone that caused extensive flood damage throughout Central America and Mexico in September 1993. An Atlantic–Pacific crossover hurricane is a tropical cyclone that develops in the Atlantic Ocean and moves into the Pacific Ocean, or vice versa. The 1993 season was an inactive season, … (°W) 20/1800: 21.3: 97.0: 970: 100: Category 2 Hurricane: Landfall for Hurricane Gert 14 - 21 September, 1993. These dates conventionally delimit the period of each year when most tropical cyclones form in the Atlantic basin. Winds for Gert were 105 miles per hour; ninety lives were lost, and forty three other people were missing due to Hurricane Gert. It originated over the southwestern Caribbean Sea and briefly attained tropical storm strength before crossing Nicaragua, Honduras, and the Yucatán Peninsula. Hurricane Lidia was the strongest tropical cyclone of the 1993 Pacific hurricane season.Forming from a tropical wave on September 8, Lidia steadily organized and became a hurricane on September 10. Central Pacific Hurricane Center 2525 Correa Rd Suite 250 Honolulu, HI 96822 The most significant named storm of the season was Hurricane Gert, a tropical cyclone that devastated several countries in Central America and Mexico. It struck Central America and Mexico.The storm affected almost the same region devastated by Hurricane Diana three years prior, except winds were a little stronger than for Diana. Throughout the impact areas, damage totaled to $170 million (1993 USD) and 102 fatalities were reported. Weather Underground provides tracking maps, 5-day forecasts, computer models, satellite imagery and detailed storm statistics for tracking and forecasting Hurricane Gert Tracker.

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