growing zinnias for cut flowers

A couple of tips for cutting the flowers: Any suggestions? The bees and butterflies love them . Tip. Our favorite Zinnia varieties are listed in our shop here: Just scattering a handful of seeds adds a splash of color to the end caps or paint the orchard with dabs of color beneath the olive trees. Such a wonderful flower. I take them to my Mogo Nursery , people love them . I live in Cincinnati Ohio. Beautiful photos. All make good cut flowers. That same daughter was expecting a baby girl in October of last year and asked me what the name of the flower was that we planned each year. Thanks for your info . Hello! The only problem I had was they got to large at late season but still beautiful, This year I am doing the same thing. Thanks for your help! This year the buds are stunted. Any ideas? I’ve always grown a few flowers, but not for a special occasion. I’m just down south of Auburn WA, Thank you for sharing such wonderful Info and beautiful pictures. I lost most and the others bent broke what flowers were still alive. Cut your zinnias early in the morning while the blooms are just beginning to open. It’s a must-grow! Another Floret introduction, ‘Golden Hour’ is a beautiful collection of warm buff, honey, and soft apricot blooms started from two single plants we discovered in our fields. I only have what is offered at the big box stores in my area. That's a lot! Using the zinnias along with coleus, caladiums, and pentas, we have had fresh flower arrangements all summer long. Growing my own flowers was an idea that started in a supermarket, three summers ago. With proper placement and correct watering, zinnia plants provide long-term color and beauty in the summer flower bed. The photo above demonstrates pinching with another type of plant. Janine. Our concern/question is: Will we be successful if we direct seed/plant in the holes we burned in our landscape fabric? Last year I had s really difficult time with my zinnias initially. They only have a limited variety. Now I can spend some time looking at the rest of the site. Knowing which varieties of flowers are the best to grow for long-lasting cut flowers is the first step. I just wanted to come back to thank you for this post. It truly is appreciated. It is absolutely pouring here in the UK so this article was a magic pick me up. If so, how often and with what product? This is so helpful! I’m in New Zealand on the east coast of the North Island. Well, I did! To choose the most successful cut flowers for your business consider your general growing conditions, technical capabilities, and your market. Of all the zinnias we grow, this might be my favorite. love zinnias i just go by what you like never grew thembefore until last year. I always seem to have this around the end of summer beginning of fall all my zinnias get PM. Zinnias thrive in hot, dry conditions, so grow them in well-drained soil in a sunny border. With their. Fantastic! I am going to try growing zinnias this year if it is not too late. In addition, when learning how to grow zinnia, remember that pinching back results in a bushie… Along with being beautiful and easy to grow, zinnias are also heat- and drought-tolerant. ‘Queen Lime Orange’: This exciting new addition to the Queen Series is the most beautiful range of iridescent raspberry, apricot, and smoky peach with a dark cranberry center. To keep flowers blooming after you place them in a vase, keep cut flowers out of direct sunlight and drafts, change the water every other day, and make a fresh cut each time you change the water. Plant zinnias in spring by sowing the seeds about 1/4-inch deep in the soil and space each seed about a foot apart from the next. They are simply gorgeous, breathtaking! I’m especially excited to try the zinderella series and the queen lime blush this year ! Would they do well in a sunny window sill, or do I need to use grow lights? Thanks for the tips about scabiosa varieties! I am growing the Zindarellas this year for the first time and I can’t wait! I have been growing a few zinnias for years to make arrangements in our Episcopal Church I love most all zinnias and plant a mix if different variety of seeds.i am mostly partial to the California giants and the Lilliputians. Thank you for this really thorough exploration of varieties on offer! This trio is widely considered a cinch to grow, whether in a backyard cutting garden like mine or for those of you venturing into flower growing for a farmers' market or local floral design customers. I had problems with dampening off, and then decided to directly sow in the garden. fiorentina504. Top row, left to right: ‘Giant Salmon Rose’, ‘Zinderella Peach‘, ‘Queen Lime Orange’. I lost all first 2 rounds to rain. Single-flowered varieties are attractive to pollinating insects, particularly hoverflies. One year I planted a Sunbow Orange from you and the hummingbirds loved them. To much cold early season and a bit to much shade so I avoided them because they were one of the most finicky. You’ve inspired me to try my hand at growing them! Flowers make me happy – but if I wanted one mixed bouquet a week on the kitchen table, I’d be shelling out £40 a month. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! It is a joy to see the pollinators flitting between Zinnia islands. View our cookie policy to learn more, Posted in How far apart do you thin seedlings? Zinnias are some of my favorite cutting flowers! After a lot of research and emails back and forth with the breeders, I believe that if plants undergo any stress, including not getting enough water or too-high temps, they will start producing single flowers (pictured left). Left to right, above: ‘Lilliput Salmon’, ‘Giant Salmon Rose‘, ‘Oklahoma Salmon’. If so have you seen them ‘grow out of it’, or otherwise recover? Thanks for all the info! All the zinnias I just read about are beautiful…I’m going to need heavy medication and counseling. Your website is stunning!!! Every year about 1/2-3/4 through our zinnia season the leaves start to get very chalky and ugly. Looking for a better season next Spring. A surprise frost comes late often enough that I usually wait until last week of May, meaning it’s quite a wait before blooms. Color. I grow and sell sweet peas and the little Lilliputs look so pretty with them. petite stature, they resemble a bedding plant more than a cropping variety, but I think they deserve a spot in every cutting garden. I am thrilled to hear that they grow so well here in Western Washington. Someone said maybe they have aster yellows….they look super healthy from a distance but up close there some things that normally I wouldn’t pay any attention to…super tiny dots on the leaves, etc. Let's begin with three cut flower varieties that play the role of focal flower — sunflowers, zinnias, and rudbeckias. Thank you! And to provide additional nutrients through weekly seaweed tea. He was an incredible gardener, and every year would plant a row of zinnias and a row of marigolds at the edge of our vegetable garden. Varieties: The giant dahlia-bloom has a compact flower head that grows up to six inches. Not only were they single flowers, but most of the flowers didn’t even have a complete circle of petals; many only had 4 to 6 odd petals per flower and were a washed out dirty white color on otherwise healthy plants. However, when I saw this selection, I’ve changed my mind. New South Wales . You definitely brighten my day and Clipping the plant back often results in more abundant blooms. Mature zinnias require less watering, as grown flowers are somewhat drought tolerant. Hello from West Richland, Wa. Zinnias have hollow stems below the flower, so weak necks, which bruise and break off all too easily as you arrange them, can be a problem. Zinnias are considered a “dirty flower” and benefit from a drop or two of bleach in their water. We love your farm and hope to visit someday. Growing conditions may include the number of frost-free days in your area, your soil type, and sun exposure. So, I haven’t had much success. It comes in a cheery mix including rose, purple, golden yellow, scarlet, orange, pink, and white. Zinnias are kind of a hot-button topic for most people - even if you hate zinnias and won’t grow them, you’ll have a very definitive reason as to why - but most people, especially flower farmers love zinnias and grow boatloads of them all season long. When you need dependable, low-maintenance cut flowers, think zinnias. Zinnias need to be picked when they are fully ripe, otherwise they won’t last in the vase. Please explain what you mean by “grow them in fabric”. MaryDana Baird . Zinnias seem to love the hot and dry summer climate up here in the northern Cariboo region of British Columbia. Thank you for sharing your favorites. I was so excited to see your beautiful varieties! i have never heard of these before but have bought some seeds but will wait for the weather to warm up at night in bc. Zinnias are one of the easiest flowers to grow from seed, they grow quickly and bloom for long periods of time. I am one of those who has a hard time pruning the “center” out of the young plants, but when I do I am rewarded with taller plants and more blooms. It’s been very frustrating trying to grow something billed as an easy, beginner flower in this climate- I’m in my 5th decade of gardening, but new to this climate! This special Floret mix has been an ongoing labor of love, and while it’s still a work in progress, we’re thrilled to finally be able to share it with the world. The plants are now setting new flowers. Here’s a great example of the different size options available in one color. If they collapse over, they’ll never grow or flower as well as when vertically supported. All rights reserved. Take care. Did not know these were available. I’m in Ohio, and am anxiously awaiting the time I can dig in the dirt! After a lot of research and emails back and forth with the breeders, I believe that if plants undergo. Learn more about growing cut flowers, including tulips, ranunculus, anemones & dahlias, in this free four-part video series, Winner of the American Horticulture Society Book Award, I have seen a large bloomed short,under 2 ft plant,seems it has about 6-8 colors maximum,at the one residence,I asked and heard oh,I forgot where I got that pkt. !! We are based in cool upstate New York and have a climate similar to yours, I believe! One package of each is more than enough for my cutting garden. I have been so far. Looking forward to gardening season here in West Michigan; we should be in full swing by mid to the end of May. I thought I was not a zinnia fan.. I love what I can see of the colors, though! They are extremely easy to grow. My all-time favorite variety is ‘Giant Salmon Rose’ (pictured above) because its warm peachy color is so versatile and softens with age. Hi! Hi Floret They attract butterflies and hummingbirds, making these flowers great companions for a vegetable garden. As zinnias are considered prolific bloomers does that mean you can cut stems every week when conditions are good? Yours are absolutely gorgeous "They are great for hot summer weather and gardeners in warmer climates," explains Dr. Gladys Mbofung-Curtis, a garden expert at Garden Safe. Any ideas as to what could be happening and if I should pull them out? Some of the flower heads are bent over, making them unmarketable. Do you grow zinnias or plan to add them to your garden this coming season? I adore zinnias! Thank you for all the work you do to bring us gardener’s the info you have learned. This adorable bloomer produces an abundance of petite, fully double, dome-shaped salmon flowers all summer long. Hi Erin, thank you for all of this, zinnias are my favorite. I’ve noticed that that they seem to like the larger, single zinnias of all colors. How many time a week do you water your zinnia? Nothing says summer more than an armload of cheerful zinnias. Zinnias are annuals that grow for one season and then produce seeds. It inspires me. This year I’m trying all seedings started from seeds indoors and will see how they do. If the stem is stiff and remains erect, it is ready to harvest. Your garden sounds incredible! Its a temperate climate with hot dry summers. I grew flowers for the farmers market this summer, zinnias being one of them(one of my favorites). Thanks! In 2013, with four times the number of sunny, summer days in Sussex compared with 2012, the zinnias looked magnificent. Please note: If you submit a comment and it doesn’t show up right away, sit tight; we have a spam filter that requires we approve most comments before they are published. The series boasts 7 colors including Oklahoma Salmon, Pink, Carmine, Ivory, White, Yellow, and Scarlet. The general rule is to plant zinnias after the last frost of spring, but you might want to wait a bit longer. Thanks for sharing I had no idea there were so many beautiful varieties until reading your blog and looking through your book. Best Cut Flower for Beginner Gardeners. This makes me want to order some of every color! Every time I walked outside or pulled my car into the garage, I was enjoying the gorgeous color. The Queen and Bennary series have been brilliant. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you. I tried the pinching trick on almost all of mine. It has been a trooper in my garden providing abundant beautiful blooms for much of the growing season. Choosing only a few varieties was almost excutiating but I want to grow a little of everything so I have to be choosy with my limited space. ‘Benary’s Giant Deep Red’ (pictured left) is a rich ruby-red; the back of the petals have the slightest hint of purple, giving them a glowing, iridescent quality. #GrowingFlowers #Gardening #GrowingZinnias UPDATED ZINNIA VIDEO - SUPPORT THE CHANNEL - TRY OUR SOAP! This should help extend the amount of time you have flowers. Thanks so much for your help! Can’t wait to start cutting them and look forward to trying some of varieties you mention above. A cream variety such as ‘Oklahoma Ivory’ is beautiful mixed with the green (‘Benary’s Giant Lime’) and a white (‘Benary’s Giant White’), but the pales look all wrong mixed with dark reds and oranges. If you are not regularly harvesting your zinnias, be sure to deadhead any spent blooms to help focus the plant’s energy into producing new flowers and not going to seed. Thank you for sharing! Love all the variety and pics! As one of the easiest cut flowers to cultivate, they are a perfect first crop for beginning growers and are reliable, prolific producers for most flower farms. Start your zinnias from seed, either right in the ground or under lights. ‘Benary’s Giant Coral’ (pictured left) is a glowing tropical coral-salmon variety and a long-standing customer favorite. Zinnias grow best when the minimum daytime temperatures are between 74 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit. I now know what I will begin with next Spring. I’m hoping this is just an early awkward stage. I am so curious as to how one shall harvest flowers that grow in netting? Thank you for sharing. You site is beyond great! The plants look healthy and great, though. I have shared this favorite plant with my own children and now I share my harvest with my 2nd graders at the end of the year and encourage them to plant at home and try with their own families :). Beautiful post! I think I’m starting to see buds on my main stem but the plants are about 5-6 inches. Zinnias keep me with flowers the whole time! The cotton candy-pink blooms of ‘Benary’s Giant Bright Pink’ (pictured right) are as sweet as can be. This can make zinnias tricky to lace into a hand-tied bunch and is one of the reasons you often see them arranged just on their own. As flowers bloom on your zinnia plants it is important to cut them so that they continue to multiply and bloom. We always hope bouquets last a full week there. WOW! Thanks! The plants, spaced 18in (46cm) apart, had merged into a hedge standing over 4ft (122cm) high and were massively flowery and luxuriant. The Trial Field at Wisley. March, The Farmer & the {Florist} Interview: Amy Merrick, pre-burned landscape fabric to control weeds,, I didn’t think I was a big fan of zinnias until I read your post about them (I love easy plants!) How do you get water to your flowers? Thanks for the great info. My granddaughter was given the name of Zinya. My other varieties of zinnias were beautiful, so I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. Living in the Flint Hills of Kansas, we knew zinnias would be top of the list, as we tend to have very hot windy summers. I’d love to try the Oklahoma series, as that’s where I live. My husbands mom gave us a cheap packet of zinnia seeds last year to plant in the courtyard of our (first and new) home. I have tried staking to hold it up, but it no looks dry like its dying. Those little flowers really started a love of gardening in me! are you able to obtain seeds from the flowers you have grown at the end of the season ?? Ever had this before? I will experiment with part shade this year to see if it makes a difference. Also, our tend to get very tall (we live in the south and have a long growing season). If the evening temperatures are chilly enough to have you reaching for the blankets to eat supper in the garden, then it’s still too cold. Hi – what is meant by a “dirty flower”? Thanks for any help! Zinnias were introduced to me by my mother-in-law when I was a young mom trying to find easy beautiful things to plant. Is there any way to combat or remedy for powdery mildew? The mostly double and semi-double flowers of ‘Queen Lime Blush’ (pictured above) are a stunning blend of green and purple, unlike anything we’ve seen. Growing zinnia plants benefit from deadheading and flower removal (used in cut flower bouquets). I have your “ Cut flower garden “ book and love it! hi, I’m stating this year to be a flower farmer! I’m in Albuquerque, NM and our extreme heat is difficult- out of packs of direct seeded zinnias last year, i got only one plant that grew and bloomed! I also raise dahlias and have one particular bed that is up against a barn wall and east facing. We love growing Zinnias here in South Florida. The photo above demonstrates pinching with another type of plant. Of all the zinnias we grow, this might be my favorite. I live in New Orleans, and I have never been able to grow Green Envy. If so, what are your favorite varieties, or what new treasures are you adding to your wishlist? Oh my gosh, I am happy to share this on Facebook! Any type of stake, wooden or metal, will work just fine. Can you please share your source for these varieties. There is an unbelievable number of zinnias to choose from in every shape, color, and size imaginable. I keep your book handy indoors, but if out in garden, I look up your blogs with my phone. Everyone loves this treasure! Hi Mary, The longest lastin bouquets ever are zinnias with statice, can maybe go two weeks! The individual colors in this series are stunning, especially en masse. I have been really enjoying your blog and find it inspiring to grow all sorts of things that as of yet I haven’t. I put my Zinnias in the vegetable garden and we do not have a big bug problem. I had been wondering why that was and will try a slightly coler spot for them next season, I am growing an annual cutting garden for the first time this year. I’ve heard of a ‘dirty’ gardener, but never a ‘dirty’ flower- I can’t even ‘google’ it! A customer favorite, ‘Benary’s Giant Wine’ (pictured left) is a dramatic, deep wine hue. Perennials for Spring and Summer Planting. Here’s how we prepare our soil: Decisions, decisions….now I am seriously considering sticking with one flower..ZINNIAS!…and filling my entire yard with them, all the different, gorgeous varieties. Thanks! Thank you for your tips on these. These reliable bloomers are a great addition to the cutting garden and the front of the flower border. We’ll have them in the shop starting January 6th for next season. I’m on a well with high iron in water clogs up and last winter left out and animals chewed up. Thank you for all the great information! ( I’m going to try to save from it this year. This variety is named for our favorite time of day on the farm, the golden hour just before the sun sets on the horizon. I was so surprised at how well they did with so little care! The best zinnias I’ve ever seen were lining a path to a primary school in Sri Lanka. Zinnias have been a major part of my cutting garden for years and they are one of my favorite things to grow. Where can I get some of these unusual seeds? My youngest daughter(she’s 17) asked that I grow the flowers for her wedding, which I hope won’t be for quite a while! I’m considering starting zombie from seed instead of direct sowing. Should I just direct seed next year? Drip irrigation is recommended at 80to help prevent these issues. I would like to try growing them from seed, Hi Ann, Zinnias come in a plethora of colors (except blue) and in several petal shapes. Zinnias are considered a “dirty flower” and benefit from a drop or two of bleach in their water. Not sure why…take care and thank you for the post!! I’m curious though, what other flowers or green foliage do you like to pair with zinnias for a pretty bouquet?? The problem that we have experienced with Zinnias is that they don’t seem to flower earlier than September. Thank you for the great tips on how to grow these amazing hearty flowers! Avoid overhead irrigation as it may damage the flowers by causing spotting, or may splash soil onto the foliage and promote disease. I have tried zinnias two years in a row, starting the seeds indoors then transplanting around Mother’s Day (in Boise, ID). There’s no better late-summer plant, with a brilliant range of colours and flowers that look as though they’ve been cut from velvet-coated cardboard. Thank you for your practical, helpful guides and instructions, also tips for vase life. But it’s hard not to love them all! Love this article! Their beautiful colors make me and the friends I share them with smile! As cut flowers, zinnias are hard to beat, and in a cut-flower trial I visited at The National Cut Flower Centre near Spalding, Lincolnshire, the Benary’s range (so-called after the German plant breeder) were reigning supreme. I wanted to hug those little guys! I learned so much reading this blog And there’s a huge range of shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from. Simply grab the stem about 8 inches (20 cm) down from the flower head and gently shake it. Sow two or three seeds 2in (5cm) apart at 12in (30cm) spacing. Here’s more about this beautiful annual, plus how to grow and care for zinnias. I’m looking forward to reading all the tips because I know I’m going to need help! With most zinnias, you’ll get at least a week in a vase if they’re kept cool. Netting is held in place by metal hoops that we made with our Johnny’s Quick Hoops Bender. This will be my first year growing for actual cut flower sales so I went a bit wild with choosing zinnia varieties thanks to your numerous must-grow recommendations and amazing photos! Bicolor novelties: These unique bicolor novelties are sure to catch the attention of everyone who sees them. But I consider it quite an honor that she loves all of the flowers that I grow. They have nice long stems and good disease resistance, and they come in a beautiful range of colors. I do cut the flowers a lot which i know causes more the grow. They are one of my favorite flowers and I always try to have a bunch somewhere in my gardens for me to enjoy. I was going to plant a small garden of zinnias in rows like your were done ,but on a much smaller scale. Zinnias aren’t my favorite blooms ever, but I appreciate how easy they are to grow and their range of colors. Do you pull them out of the ground after it’s autum?, fall, winter??? So beautiful!!! I bought them as healthy plug plants and pinched them when they go to a decent height to encourage more leaf growth. We are going to prepare our soil and I think we are going to plant seeds unless you think otherwise. Could you tell me why can’t I have the double bloom flower while the mother plant that I got the seed from is a double flower? Trying Bernary’s Giant Lime this year instead. The seeds for the varieties listed here are in our shop: Hi Kyra- I’m so glad this post helped you. What kind of sprays do you use? We had a hot summer (for us) last year and the Zinnias loved it. After trying them and cutting them and re-seeding I was hooked! The frilly double blooms look like mini gerbera daisies or double-flowered echinacea. The blooms of ‘Benary’s Giant Lime’ are a unique, Granny Smith apple-green and deeply packed with petals. Thanks. Great work and wishing you the best success. After reading this I want to grow fields of zinnias! Annual zinnias add long-lasting color to flower beds but they can also supply you with long-lived cut flowers for your home. Growing Cut Flowers for Florists. Thank you for the article on zinnias, i have fallen in love with all the new colors an sizes. I made sure to pick interesting varieties and our customers were just wowed by our selection. What could this be? It’s a must-grow! I can’t imagine my garden without Lilliput Salmon or any of the Queen Lime series. Looking forward to ordering seed for next season!!! It pairs well with both pastel and vibrant colors. Love your colorful website and I will be back to enjoy over and over again. The plants get so leggy and tall, it seems the stems are not strong enough to support the plants. You recommend Floralife to aid in vase longevity for most flowers. Could the pH of the soil or water make a difference? Do not put them in the cooler since the flowers are very cold-sensitive. What an exciting time for you. Inspiring stories, profiles & advice from 45 flower growers from around the world, Join the Floret newsletter and stay in the loop on all the exciting happenings here on the farm. Zinnias are a staple at garden centers and also incredibly easy to grow from seed. I can’t wait to start them… keep up the good work :). Living in Chicago, I can also understand the need to plant out seedlings after things have warmed up. I’m new to your blog and website. If i plant them closer together, will they be shorter? Also I had a lots of trouble with black spots on the leaves, maybe caused by insects- not sure if it affected the flowers or not. Any help with this? Hopefully they’ll like this location better. Or is there no hope. I’m soo enjoying all the Zinnia talk . I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Lilliput Salmon. Benary’s Giant Series: The largest-flowered varieties in the zinnia family, plants often reach 4 to 5 feet (1.2 to 1.5 m) tall and have a high percentage of huge double flowers. Sometimes when a perennnial is done blooming for the season in spring I will throw in a pack of zinnias for color the rest of the summer and have had a lot of success with that. ‘Benary’s Giant Carmine’ (pictured right) has raspberry-pink blooms; as they age the outer tips of the petals fade, giving blooms a multidimensional quality. My first planting on May 5 of giant dahlia and Benary's giant (both from Johnny's Seeds) of about 30 feet of row has flowered. The stems bend over completely while they’re still so young, sort of “snapping”. Lastly, if you find this information is helpful, I would love it if you would share it with your friends. I sow them with Marigold’s and Cosmos’s. I planted seeds years ago with success and I recently carefree planted some packets. This year, I’d like to plant zinnias in one of our raised beds. The tips of my zinnia seedlings are dead and burnt looking..they have not been outside though or exposed to the sun. You can always depend on them to be beautiful. Australia . The Sunbow Series, available from Johnny’s Selected Seeds has been around for ages and has miniature 1- to 2-inch (2.5 to 5 cm) double blooms that ride atop long, sturdy stems. That hedge taught me what zinnias truly like – not always easy to provide in Britain, but still possible. Additionally, zinnias make great cut flowers, which can either be sold in market for income or enjoyed on the dinner table at home. Hi Marianne, I am excited to try this trick to get longer stemmed flowers. These fun novelties have the coolest twisted, shaggy petals and come in a wide range of colors including orange, pink, red, yellow, peach, and white. I’m so glad you mentioned that Scabiosa varieties revert to single flowers under stress. It pairs well with both pastel and vibrant colors. You are a one in a million I can’t thank you enough, stay safe be healthy I can’t wait for more❤️. The easy to grow, heat-loving plants produce a bumper crop of sweet blooms on long, strong stems in shades of rose, carmine, orange, coral, white, yellow, and violet. I am so amazed to know that there are other varieties. I’m excited to see how they do in my garden this year. They were flowering in February in the fort town of Galle, on the south coast of the island, thriving in an environment of deluging, monsoon rain, interspersed with hot sun and high humidity. Any ideas. Hope that helps! There are multiple pictures of my grandmother’s garden bursting with zinnias from back in the day, and my father has been growing from saved seed for years now. Over the years we’ve collected the seeds and selected out the palest antique melon shades. Any type of stake, wooden or metal, will work just fine. I bought sooooo many zinnias from you guys this year. After zinnias flower, cut off the old flowers (a process called “deadheading”) to encourage more flowers to form. I am in Phoenix-super hot from June to September. #Gardening #GrowingFlowers #CutFlowerFarm GARDEN ANSWER made a video about it, so I guess I'll make a video about planting and growing zinnias too! Do you cut it under the net and pull it up through? Water zinnias regularly, keeping soil moist, but avoid overwatering. Hello, I’m from Cambodia. My favorite is ‘Señora’ (pictured above), which has warm salmon-apricot, quilled blooms and produces a bumper crop of large flowers that have long, strong stems. I am growing zinnias for sale as cut flowers. this year I will try for the first time the zinnia red spider. It seems you are sold out on most of the zinnia varieties I would like. I’m new to both zinnias and gardening and have a question about pinching. Where would you recommend we purchase the zinnias from? The entire bed is just full of all types of beautiful, colorful zinnias just like my grandma loved. Hi Lori, Zinnias famously hate root disturbance, so it is best to sow directly into freely drained soil with a fine tilth. Or just the bleach added to the water? Roll on summer and thank you for all the advice. After reading the post and seeing all the beautiful varieties, I was inspired to try again. I have gardened all of my life, but I have always focused on vegetables and companion flowers like marigolds and nasturtiums. Thank you in advance for any help. Do any of your zinnias do ok in 10B? ‘Zinderella Peach’ (pictured above) has frilly double blooms that are a warm mix of salmon, peach, and cream, accented by a striking dark center. The more I look at the options on this website and seed catalogues I keep thinking I should add just one more type…. Now just to keep the iguanas out of the flower beds (the eat everything to the ground and outsmart even chicken wire)… but another south Florida issue. Zinnias are extremely prolific bloomers and the more you cut them, the more they keep blooming. Anyways, this year I’m really excited to grow a few new (to me) varieties I bought from a different seed company: Uproar Rose and Art Deco. Shame! I especially love the lillyputs they are so pretty. If you grow them under lights, don’t start too early. Zinnias are a favorite of mine and I plant them every year. I used to be a huge zinnia snob, feeling like they were second class to dahlias, but now I’m a total convert. The flower bed was small 4’x6′ near my driveway in Houston TX. I tried Fertilome Triple action, and fertilized with fish emulsion. I have been gleaning every tidbit of wisdom you have to share from your site as well as your book as I start my flower farming journey. I live in Miami Florida and that means we are a unique micro climate with a 10B hardiness zone rating. Whenever I touch the petals, I’m straight back to Fuzzy Felt as a child. June, Can zinnias go into the ground earlier if you put up frost cloth and warm the soil a bit with black fabric? I’m so glad you’ve found some zinnia varieties that you love! For weddings, Polar Giant is my go-to. We direct sow a few times through the summer, but just one planting provides us with blooms for many weeks. It’s ideal for wedding work, and floral designers love it! We do have a major issue down here in the south with Powdery Mildew, its so humid it has become a never-ending battle. Zinnias like the heat, and it’s important that they are grown in full sun.

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